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[ADVENTURES AT FAN EXPO CANADA 2013!] Clones + CANADIAN SUPERHEROES + Sarah Connor = A Hell Of A Good Day! (Day 2) – PART 4

Sylent Mari Says: This damn post took me WAY longer than usual to write. Stupid stress from Real Life… But after pounding this out and hoping the final product is readable, entertaining and informative, I present to you – Fine Readers – my Friday escapades at FEC 2013. If you’re a fan of Orphan Black or Dyson & Vex from Lost Girl, then this post is definitely for you. If you love looking at pictures from comic conventions, you’ll find lots here. And I hope with these recaps it will inspire your own future trip to Fan Expo Canada, because it is really a fun convention and I want to try to make an annual pilgrimage to it when funds permit it.

And now, onto my Day 2 recap from FEC 2013!


PREVIOUSLY ON Adventures at Fan Expo Canada 2013! -

Our heroine/writer recapped her first day at FEC 2013 and recounted her adventures traveling & visiting family in New York and Massachusetts, before driving ‘cross the border to Toronto for non-stop geeky overload. She met & got an autograph from a rock legend (Alice Cooper), and hung out with lots of cool Whovians and other fans attending the convention. She

In this episode, our heroine meets one of her childhood idols (an actress who portrayed an iconic action heroine). She also encounters some of the sexy, sexy men from some of her favorite Canadian sci-fi and fantasy shows. Yes, there’s photographic evidence. Also, the kindness of an absolute stranger (and Canadian attending the convention) almost brings on the waterworks.

We will continue with Adventures at Fan Expo Canada 2013! after this commercial break from one of our many fine sponsors -

“The future is not set. There is no fate but what we make for ourselves.” – Sarah Connor

Welcome once again to the most infrequently updated blog on the Internet! I’m still playing catch-up with recounting the rest of my visit to FEC 2013. The biggest convention of the year, San Diego Comic Con (SDCC), wrapped up this past weekend. The next major cons are arriving at the end of August and both are on the same weekend: DragonCon in Atlanta, Georgia, and Fan Expo Canada in Toronto, Canada. Be prepared to get your geek on as these two events take place.

Here’s Day 2 of my amazing time at FEC 2013, with my first full-on geeky moment:

Source: http://www.comicvine.com/sarah-connor/4005-15997/
So, this one time at FEC 2013, I met Sarah Connor.”

Oh, Linda Hamilton – you kickass, awesome, sexy, inspiring, iconic woman. She’s been one of my favorite actresses for years. There’s no need to repeat her filmography here, which is quite wide and varied. Let me throw out a few gems that immediately pop-out to fans: Children of the Corn (her breakthrough film and a great cheesy horror flick, based on a Stephen King story), Dante’s Peak (exploding volcano flick with Pierce Brosnan), and the original Beauty and the Beast TV series co-starring Ron Perlman (Hellboy, Sons of Anarchy) as Vincent/The Beast, with awesome lion-esque make-up. I don’t like to talk about the reboot of the series ‘cause it’s not nearly as fun or campy, it pretty much is awful-not-in-a-good-way, and the Vincent/Beast effects are “MEH.”

Many of us genre fans know her best from her most memorable role: “Sarah Connor” from the Terminator franchise. Sarah Connor and Ellen Ripley (played by the badass Sigourney Weaver) from the Alien franchise are often cited as the two most hugely influential heroines that have inspired many of the kickass women that we see in media now; the model for building a female character who can be kick ass, feminine, strong, and independent. They definitely paved the way for future iconic heroines like Buffy Summers, Xena, Sydney Bristow, and countless others.

Linda rarely makes convention appearances but has done a few in the past couple of years, including a recent 30th anniversary celebration of The Terminator (along with cast members from Terminator 2) at the Texas Frightfest in May of this year. The reunion included Lance Henriksen, Michael Biehn, Robert Patrick, and a few others. I wish I had been able to go ‘cause I’m a huge fan of the franchise. I’ve lost count on how many times I’ve seen the films (yes, all four of them), the TV series, and played the T2 Arcade Game growing up.

In recent years she has appeared on many cult and geek-friendly TV shows: Chuck as Chuck’s mom, Weeds as a lesbian pot farmer/dealer, and Lost Girl as a Dark Fae bounty hunter & mercenary named Acacia who’s also a mentor to Tamsin, a Dark Fae Valkyrie who helps our heroes out. I think it’s cool that younger generations are discovering Linda for the first time. She may not be an Oscar-winning actress, but she is fun to watch in any of the roles she has portrayed, and that’s what matters to the fans.

I got her autograph and spoke to her for a few minutes. She was very kind and patient, didn’t rush me as we chatted, and answered any questions that I had – that helped with my nerves immensely ’cause I was fangirling internally but calm and collected externally. She spoke highly of her appearance on Lost Girl and acting with Rachel Skarsten (a total sweetheart, according to her).

[SEASON 4 SPOILER FOR LOST GIRL!] At the time, it wasn’t known whether she would be returning to the series, but after I told her how cool she was on Lost Girl, she told me that she had been invited back to reprise her role as Acacia. Acacia’s fate was unknown after her first appearance, but she returns with a vengeance and has some great scenes with Anna Silk’s Bo. [END SPOILER]

Marked off “Met Sarah Connor” from my Bucket List.

I also had another Terminator encounter, this time with Kyle Reese himself: Michael Biehn. I’ve been a big Biehn fan for years and think he’s always been an underrated actor. Besides stealing a few scenes in the first Terminator film, he’s also well-known as Cpl. Dwayne Hicks in Aliens. How many people can say that they fought with Ellen Ripley and Sarah Connor? He was at FEC 2013 as part of the Rue Morgue Festival of Fear, and there was somethin’ going on behind the scenes before I approached him for an autograph and picture. No, I wasn’t all ninja-like and trying to get a scoop, but there was a weird tension there between him and his people. Also, he wasn’t in the main Celebrity autograph Area and was in the convention area assigned to exhibitors and vendors, so I’m not sure if fans noticed that he was there. He was pretty cool with me and patient as the poor convention volunteer taking our picture struggled with my phone; the most common problem I had the whole convention. Stupid touchy phone…

Why do I always smirk and not give a genuine smile in photos? So annoying…

Meeting two of my favorite actors from one of my all-time favorite franchises was definitely a fan moment that I will never forget. Meeting lots of hot guys from two shows that I’m really digging right now? Just as cool. The added bonus is that I made many of my lady friends jealous, and I may have been threatened with a bitchslap or two. I thought it was funny that I only met one of the hot ladies that I like, but met all of the hot guys. Maybe that’ll be reversed next year. Winking smile

Here’s a list of some of the panels that were held on Friday:


Any fans going to big conventions will tell you that it’s impossible to make it to all of the panels available for fans to check out, so you have to pick and choose the ones you are absolutely dying to see. While I didn’t get a chance to see even half of the ones I wanted to geek out in, I did get to visit the panels I really, really, really wanted to attend. It was hard for me to choose between favorites, and I wish I had checked my mail sooner before I left on my trip because the FEC program was sent to my home a week before my vacation started. Might’ve helped in planning things out better, but I know that now and will definitely be a million times more prepared the next time I venture up North.

I only attended two panels on Friday, but I also did a lot of sightseeing around the convention center and shot tons of pictures of the numerous cosplayers dressed up in their finest costumes, as well as visiting a few of the exhibition areas. I also picked up some exclusive swag, saw and felt Canadian currency for the first time, and had a blast – I wasn’t going to let my stupid back prevent me from doing anything. Well, as much as I could without collapsing from pain and sheer exhaustion, of course.

The first panel that I attended was the return of a Canadian superhero who has seen life breathed into him again thanks to lots of fans, his co-creator, and the people who brought him back in an animated webseries: Captain Canuck. And you thought I was gonna say Wolverine, but Logan’s got enough attention from those X-Men films and comics and stuff. The webseries features the voice talents of awesome Canadian actors like Kris Holden-Reid & Paul Amos from Lost Girl, Laura Vandervoot from Smallville & Bitten, and Tatiana Maslany from Orphan Black. If you’re a fan of sci-fi or fantasy shows or Canadian actors, you just had a nerdgasm reading those names.

Before the panel, there was a set-up outside the panel room that featured people wrestling in those gigantic, goofy sumo wrestler suits that you’ve probably seen on TV or in person. I was standing next to a guy who was watching the battles, and I glanced over once or twice ‘case he looked familiar. Lo and behold, it was Paul (aka “Vex”), and then I snapped. Yup – first Lost Girl encounter. My second one came almost immediately when Kris (“Dyson”) walked up to him and chatted for a minute, then passed in front of me. I took a seat in the front row and I didn’t realize I was sitting next to Kris until he got up to take a seat at the panel table. I could have Eliza Dushku or Kevin Smith or any of the countless celebrities that I like stand right in front of me and strike up and conversation, and it would take me a while to realize it’s them. My powers of observance are not very great.

The Captain Canuck panel

Going into the Captain Canuck panel, I went in knowing a little about the character growing up as a kid who devoured comic books, but it was really cool to learn more about him. One of the creators of the character, Richard Comely, was also at the panel and gave some cool info about the conception of the character, etc. Unfortunately, Laura and Tatiana were unable to attend the panel, but it was still a very lively panel with lots of laughs and great questions from the audience.

Highlights from the Captain Canuck panel, featuring some of the cast

Oh, and there was a signing with Kris and Paul afterwards, and I was trying very hard to keep my fangirling o a minimum – it worked for the most part. At least I got a cool pictures that made lots of my female friends jealous… heh heh. Also picked up a Captain Canuck poster with their signatures, and it’s proudly on display in my apartment among my other memorabilia in my nerdy haven of awesomness (aka my bedroom).

I am so short. Wow. Poor guy had to bend down for pic.

Any Orphan Black fans present? If you’re one of the many, one of the “Clone Club” peeps who are as addicted to the show as I am, please continue on. The last part of this recap of Day 2 of FEC 2013 is all about Orphan Black. If you are not a fan and have never seen the show, please step away from your computing or mobile device, find your nearest entertainment store, and purchase both seasons. Or you could just go on Amazon and buy it too if you prefer to stay indoors whenever possible. I highly recommend binge-watching both seasons, which can easily be done within two days, or a full day if you’re like me and take minimum bathroom and munchies breaks. The point is – watch the show immediately if you haven’t done so.

Before the Orphan Black panel, Canadian channel SPACE was giving fans a chance to get 1 of 100 tickets for the meet-and-greet with the cast members from the show – Dylan Bruce (“Paul”), Kevin Hanchard (“Art”), and Jordan Gavaris (“Felix). Tatiana was unable to make it ’cause she was out of the country. Or was she really there, but masterfully acting as one of the cast members? Maybe she was acting as all of the fans attending the Expo? Hmm… The woman is definitely one of the best actresses out there and can pull off any role thrown her way, including being everyone at the convention. Winking smile

While my main mission at FEC was to see the Lost Girl cast live, my side mission was to devour anything Orphan Black-related. I had just gotten into the show around the time the 5th episode from Season 1 was originally airing here in the US last year. I read a lot about the show online from various sites, but wasn’t completely sold on it even though I’m a huge science fiction fan. After reading a couple of recaps from one of my favorite sites, AfterEllen, I caught the first four episodes right before the fifth aired – instant fan. I got my roommate hooked on it too, and we both devoured each new episode as the first season aired, then immediately got depressed that we had to wait a year before Season 2 premiered. Now we’re in the same depressed state waiting for Season 3 to air next year.

Trying to get one of the “Orphan Black Golden Tickets” was a Herculean feat, and one that was marred by a SPACE employee who was kind of a dick and had obvious favorites when it came to handing out tickets. I had tried a few times arriving at the specified time they asked fans to return at to try and score a ticket, but I kept missing out. Other fans were also quite displeased, but I hadn’t noticed that one in particular observed all of the difficulties I was having and how I was being treated by this employee. What’s funny is that I had encountered the woman earlier and thought she seemed a bit rude, but I just let it go (as Elsa would do). Little did I realize that she would do something so beyond amazing for me that…the feels…

This amazing Canadian woman came up to me with a ticket for the Orphan Black meet-and-greet, and she explained to me that she had seen me struggle to get a ticket and was disappointed with the way I was treated by the employee, and she had seen me come up a few times to the SPACE booth to try and score a ticket. It was hard for me to keep going back-and-forth every hour to score a ticket ’cause I had a walker to help me out – walking has become more difficult for me as of late because of my growing back issues. She continued and told me that she felt bad for me and spoke to a friend who had gotten a ticket, along with her husband. After she explained what had happened to me, her friend gave her one of the tickets to give to me. I was completely floored by the kindness of this complete stranger that I had so wrongly judged over a small slight (she was stressed from the crowds). I took a few pictures of the OB guys in line, and when I met them each as I was getting their autographs I was gracious for their patience and love they felt for their fans – very genuine people and wonderful actors too.

After their meet-and-greet was the Orphan Black panel an hour or so later, hosted by the crew from InnerSPACE (think Canada’s version of The Nerdist), and that panel was a blast. I met two awesome Canadian gals in line while waiting for the panel to start, and we had a blast at the panel, as well as talking about some of our favorite shows. One of them was also attending the Lost Girl panel on Saturday, but I missed her. I’m bummed out that I won’t be able to hang out with them again this year, but I hope too again next year – I had so much fun.

Dylan Bruce and Kevin Hancard

Jordan Gavaris. Sorry ‘bout the stalker-ish photos…

The video below is the whole panel, taken by a fan. Tatiana Maslany did have a video message for all of us fans that was wonderful and beautiful and sincere; the woman truly is a class-act. The Three Amigos of OB were hysterical and down-to-earth and shared lots of interesting tidbits about the first season of the show. The creators of the show, Graeme Mason and John Fawcett, were also there as InnerSPACE hosted the lively discussion. I got to ask a question at the very end about the song choices on the show, and yes, I did fangirl a bit and threw in a shout-out to Albuquerque and Breaking Bad. I had people laughing, so I accomplished my mission of making a complete ass of myself and representin’ my hometown. So, if you hear a dorky-sounding girl at the end asking about the show’s music, that’s totally me.

Full Orphan Black panel w/ the boys and the hosts of InnerSPACE

There are lots of pictures to check out below. I had a really good time on Friday, and there was so much to see and take pictures of, people to talk to, and fans to mingle with that I was unable to make it to all of the panels that I wanted to – including Linda Hamilton’s. I left the convention center immediately after the Orphan Black panel because I needed to get some much-needed rest for Saturday for the “Main Event” – the Lost Girl panel. Even if some catastrophe had prevented me from checking out the rest of the Expo, I still would’ve gone home with so many great memories and stories to tell.

My Lost Girl adventures are getting their own post, so feel free to skip it if you’re only interested in seeing more pictures; I will have an additional Saturday post for pictures and other tidbits. Or read it and see what happens when a fan has the Bestest Day Ever hanging out with people who love a certain show as much as her. There will be some hilarity, some sassiness, and WAY too many pictures of Anna Silk from the panel – just as beautiful and hilarious and inspiring in-person as she is on the show.

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NEW BLOG THEME: “How I Spent My Summer Vacation Last Year”

With a few more Fan Expo Canada 2013 recaps coming up, the blog header’s changed to a picture from my trip last year. With FEC 2014 fast-approaching and just around the corner, I thought I’d better get my ass in gear and finish up my posts. The past few weeks have been hectic, as has the rest of the year, but when I get a chance to update I’m taking it.

The header image is a photo of Niagara Falls that I shot last year while visiting with family. You’ve seen a few pictures of my trip, but here’s a few more Niagara Falls photos to quench your thirst for more blogging and witty commentary and opinions from this gal.

I have Day 2 of my FEC 2013 adventures almost ready to go up, with a few more paragraphs to conjure up before I feel confident enough to release it into the wild. There’s lots of pictures and lots of awesome experiences that I had, and I can’t wait to share them with my fellow geeks.

I’m also working on a belated “LGBTQ+-friendly genre shows” update that I missed out on posting last month. Some have LGBTQ+ recurring characters and some have them as the main characters anchoring their respective shows. My FEC 2013 posts are leading up to two of them, and it’s not hard to figure out which two shows are being represented if you’ve been visiting this blog.

So, until we meet again, my Geeky Readers!

- Sylent Mari





From L to R: my aunt, me, and my cousin. My cousin and I are clones...

From L to R: my aunt, me, and my cousin. My cousin and I are clones…

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[ADVENTURES AT FAN EXPO CANADA 2013!] Just A Lonely Geek In A Strange Land – Day 1 (PART 3)

We are in full COMIC CONVENTION MODE now! We’re at the beginning of the major comic convention season, and with so many conventions to choose from, it’s hard to decide where to go, what to see, and how much dinero you have to even make it to one. I have a local major convention at the end of the month that I’m attending, Albuquerque Comic Expo, and I’m very excited about it ‘cause it falls on my birthday weekend. I might even get one of my best friends to come out and hang with me at her first conventi0n. Now to get one of my friends or a family member to buy me a pass…

There are so many growing larger conventions popping up that might be competing with the major conventions that we have like SDCC and DragonCon, like Phoenix Comic Con and Denver Comic Con, with have both grown exponentially over the past few years. And for this Southwestern U.S. resident, that gives me more local options to choose from. To see homegrown cons grow into larger entities that are covered throughout all of social media is an awesome thing. New Mexico has several cons located in two of our major cities, Albuquerque and Santa Fe, and we keep adding more thanks to demand. If we can get a few more high-profile guests then we’d really be a contender, but ya gotta start somewhere.

If you like to go large and want to attend a major convention, there are many to choose from. I went pretty big and selected one out of the country, and it was definitely worth it. If you want to check out a huge comic convention that has a large and diverse group of nerds and geeks from around the world, definitely check out the Fan Expo conventions up in Canada. Several major Canadian cities are hosts to the Fan Expo cons, but if you want to travel to the largest and biggest of them all, Fan Expo Canada in Toronto, Ontario, Canada is your answer.

Continuing on with my visit up North last year in my ongoing recap – welcome to Part 3! – my first day attending FEC 2013 was awesome. I was a solo traveler with a walker and exploring a city I had visited just once before with family. I was a bit nervous attending by myself because I am a disabled individual (gnarly back and leg issues), so I get a bit skittish being alone without help. I was extremely fortunate to have many fans and staff members assisting me while I attended the convention all four days it was being held. Heck, I had better assistance in Canada then in New Mexico at our local cons, and that’s saying a lot. Any nervousness and fears about attending solo were quickly alleviated by the absolute kindness of strangers that I befriended on my trip.

I didn’t do much on the first day of the convention, which was a preview day for Premium and VIP badge holders. I did gain a solo achievement (Nerdy Gamer Alert): I was the second person in-line on that first day, behind a really nice local woman who had traveled a few miles to Toronto to attend the convention. We hung out and talked about a variety of topics, and I may have made it onto a broadcast from CityTV, who were covering the first FEC 2013 day. Since she was first in line, she was the chosen victim for a quick interview by the crew (I narrowly escaped that, heh heh).

I took a ton of pictures throughout the whole convention, and you can check out the kickass photos from Day 1 below. I didn’t attend any panels that first day because I was so overwhelmed by the entire experience: waiting in line to get in, traveling through the Metro Toronto Convention Centre (MTCC) from the North Building to the South Building and back, checking out the vendors, panel locations, and celebrity signings. The only difficulties I ran into was my mobility issue, so I wasn’t able to haul ass from one building to the next to drop-in on the many smaller and larger panels being held in both, but I got to sit-in on the panels I wanted to check out the most.

Biggest fan moment on Day 1? Meeting and getting an autograph from the Godfather of Shock/Horror Rock, Alice Cooper himself. What a gentleman and very nice too. Most of my celebrity encounters have been amazing with really grateful personalities. My only negative experience with a celeb? When Ken Foree (popular horror film actor best known from Dawn of the Dead) ran into me on the convention floor in front of the celebrity signing lines and gave me a “WTF” look. Umm, you didn’t see me with my walker and say “Excuse me” after? Not everyone can be courteous.

NEXT TIME: Friday, or Day 2, of FEC 2013. Highlights included the Captain Canuck and Orphan Black panels featuring the insanely HOT gentlemen from both, and meeting my favorite celebrity since childhood – and a female action hero of mine.

Other highlights:

  • Premium Lounge for Premium badge holders to chill and hang out in, as well as get in some quick cosplay repairs.
  • The swag that was included with being a Premium badge holder.
  • The cool show exclusives, like the Walking Dead t-shirt I picked up of Merle and Daryl Dixon.
  • Seeing the awesomely intricate costumes a few of the copslayers were proudly displaying.
  • The many people I befriended that day that hung out and walked with me from one location to another, to make sure I made it safely.
  • The staff and other convention-goers that were polite and courteous to me, letting me go to the head of a line, making sure I had a seat wherever I went, and clearing the way for me to pass.
  • The drive to-and-from Buffalo, NY to Toronto and back not being as nerve-wracking as I initially thought; drivers were slightly less-crazy than New Mexican drivers.

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Sylent Mari Says: Today’s post is twelve days late, but what better day to publish this than on Friday the 13th? Don’t do anything too crazy, how at the full moon tonight, and throw on your favorite Friday the 13th flick (Love the cheesy goodness that is Jason X). Enjoy this weekend and if you’re going to any comic convention this weekend, have a killer time.

As I’ve mentioned before on this blog o’ mine, Alanis Morissette is my favorite singer and has been for years. Her music has always been a big influence in everything I’ve done creatively throughout the years. In honor of Alanis hitting 40 years of age (I can’t wait to hit my 40’s ‘cause I am done with my 30’s already) and still rocking after all these years, I’m sharing my Top 25 songs (in no particular order).

Yes, kids – Alanis Morissette turned 40 years-of-age earlier this month on June 1st, and that makes me feel damn old, even though I’m in my early-30’s. The picture above was taken more than 19 years ago around the release of Alanis’ breakout international debut album, Jagged Little Pill. Ah, I remember those youthful days of singing along to JLP and driving my parents nuts as I always had the album on repeat. Good times! If an Alanis song from JLP comes on the radio, you bet that I’m singing that song at the top of my lungs and annoying other drivers as I’m cruisin’ down the street on my way to work.


When JLP was released on June 13, 1995 (it’s 19 years old today), it sold a bazillion copies thanks to the many women – both young and old – who related to the album and were probably obsessed with the album’s first single, “You Oughta Know.” JLP has lots of great songs on it, along with great singles that had really good accompanying music videos; two of my favorites are “Hand in My Pocket” and “You Learn.’” If you’re looking for an acoustic, more-mature version of the album, Alanis released Jagged Little Pill: Acoustic exclusively through Starbucks stores on the 10th anniversary of JLP’s in 2005. 

cassette-alanis-morissette-jagged-little-pill-9198-MLC20012587558_112013-F My 1st copy of Jagged Little Pill was on tape – ‘member those?

After Jagged Little Pill, Alanis took a sabbatical to India and came back a lot more level-headed, mature, and less-stressed, and that newfound focus can definitely be heard on the follow-up to JLP, Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie. Quite a mouthful of an album title, but catchy. SFIJ was the complete opposite of JLP, and those looking for a sequel to that album were a bit disappointed. Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie is my favorite Alanis album, closely followed by Flavors of Entanglement, because Alanis explored different musical flavors and had many deep and heavy emotional moments in both the lyrics and her vocals. SFIJ was a success, but not the massive one that JLP was, but that’s okay. It’s more of an intimate album that her dedicated fanbase definitely appreciates and loves.

We don’t talk about the Short Hair years…

Alanis released Under Rug Swept and So-Called Chaos four and eight years (2002 and 2004) after SFIJ’s release, both receiving mixed reactions from critics and fans. Out of the two albums, I tend to skip a lot of the songs on SCC – it’s my least favorite of her albums. Under Rug Swept had lots of recorded songs that never made it to the final pressing , so Alanis threw the best of the bunch onto an EP that was released later in 2002 after URS’ release. The Feast on Scraps EP has some really awesome songs, and they could’ve easily replaced the weakest songs on URS.

Oh, did I almost forget to mention that I got to see Alanis live in the front row of my first and only time I’ve seen her perform? I took my younger brother to see Alanis and the Barenaked Ladies in August 2004, and he and I also got the change to meet her, which was totally amazing. She’s shorter than I thought, but mellow and a bit shy. But very polite ‘cause she’s Canadian. /drumroll

Alanis and Dave Matthews, circa-late 1990’s

The year 2008 was a trying year for Alanis, though creatively she was back at the top of her game with the release of Flavors of Entanglement. A deeply personal album, it was her post-break up answer to her relationship with Canadian uber-hottie Ryan Reynolds that had ended in…well… Just listen to it. I said earlier that Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie was my favorite Alanis album, but I find myself leaning more towards FOE for my own personal reasons; it’s definitely a very healing listening experience.

Alanis and Mario Treadway’s (Souleye) son, Ever.

Alanis’ latest release, 2012’s Havoc and Bright Lights, was released not too long after she married her husband, rapper Souleye (aka Mario Treadway), and giving birth to the cute kid you see above, Ever Imre Morissette. Trivia-minded Alanis fans will recognize the middle name – it’s her twin brother Wade’s middle name. Havoc is mostly a good record with a few slight musical hiccups, but it’s still a very enjoyable listen. Two of the tracks featured below are the ones I’ve been digging the most since its release.

Do Canadians ever age? They’ve got timeless beauty.

Enough rambling from me. In no particular order, here are my favorite Alanis tracks from the Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie era to now. I didn’t include any songs from Jagged Little Pill ‘cause we’ve all listened to the album more than a few times, amirite? Also, many of the songs below are unreleased tracks and B-sides – some hidden gems in the mix that should’ve been released on her studio albums.


01. “Uninvited”City of Angels Soundtrack – 1998

02. “Still”Dogma Sountrack – 1999

03. “I Remain”Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Soundtrack – 2010

04. “Edge of Evolution”Havoc and Bright Lights – 2012

05. “Fear of Bliss”Feast on Scraps EP – 2002

06. “King of Intimidation” – Unreleased track/live only – 1996 *

07. “Would Not Come”Supposed Former infatuation Junkie – 1998

08. “Moratorium”Flavors of Entanglement – 2008

09. “Princes Familiar”Alanis Morissette: MTV Unplugged – 1999 +

10. “Precious Illusions”Under Rug Swept – 2002

11. “No”Havoc and Bright Lights unreleased track – 2012

12. “Citizen of the Planet”Flavors of Entanglement – 2008

13. “Bent 4 U”Feast on Scraps EP – 2002

14. “Pollyanna Flower”“Thank U” Single B-Side – 1998 **

15. “No Pressure Over Cappuccino” Alanis Morissette: MTV Unplugged – 1999 +

16. “Baba”Supposed Former infatuation Junkie – 1998

17. “You Owe Me Nothing in Return”Under Rug Swept – 2002

18. “20/20”Flavors of Entanglement B-side – 2008

19. “Everything”So-Called Chaos – 2004

20. “Numb”Havoc and Bright Lights – 2012

21. “Unprodigal Daughter”Feast on Scraps EP – 2002

22. “Tapes”Flavors of Entanglement – 2008

23. “Spineless”So-Called Chaos – 2004

24. “Purgatorying”Feast on Scraps EP – 2002

25. “Limbo No More” Flavors of Entanglement B-side – 2008

* – Live performance can be seen on The Collection CD/DVD combo set
** – Hard to find single release from Europe, but worth hunting down
+ – Unreleased tracks performed live for the Unplugged release; not found in recorded form

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“I’m Not Really Feeling Myself Today” “Neither Are We” – ORPHAN BLACK Season 1 Super-Fast Recap

Do you have plans for this weekend that involve leaving your house for several hours and enjoying the great outdoors, shopping trips with family before Easter Sunday, or any other extracurricular activities requiring you to be away from your TV? CANCEL THEM IMMEDIATELY. Tonight and tomorrow marks a full Season 1 rerun of one of the best television shows to be currently airing: Orphan Black.

If you’re unfamiliar with the show, watch it NOW. Before the second season starts tomorrow night. I’ve been marathoning it this week, in-between working and avoiding all social interactions with friends. Okay, that’s partially true – I haven’t seen any of my friends this week.

What is Orphan Black about? You could probably ask one of your friends who’s part of Clone Club, but they might be too busy re-watching the episodes, theorizing about what will happen during the new season, or trying to figure out how many clones there really are.

What is Orphan Black in a nutshell? It’s about a woman who discovers that she was cloned, as she discovers one of her clones right before she the clone) commits suicide by stepping in front of an oncoming commuter train. Sarah Manning’s life is quickly turned upside down, and she has to discover why there are clones of her, the secrets about her life growing up, and so much more. Yes, that is a crappy explanation, but there is so much story to discover while watching the series.

This video that I’m just gonna place here and leave for you to watch is a recap from BBC America, the home of Orphan Black. I have a much longer post to add tonight with more videos and pictures from the Orphan Black panel that I took at last year’s Fan Expo (oh, that was such an awesome time!).

Here’s the viewing schedule for the rest of the Season 1 rerun marathon tonight, and your last chance to see it all from the beginning later tonight and early Saturday morning:

Orphan Black Season 1 Marathon Schedule

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Happy 17th Birthday to “Welcome to the Hellmouth!”– Buffy’s 1st Episode + Links to My Ongoing Retrospective

Wow – has it really been 17 years since the premiere of the television version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer? *clutches chest* I may be in my early-30’s, but that still makes me feel quite old. According to my calculations, I was 15-going-on-16 when “Welcome to the Hellmouth” first aired. *clutches chest again* For many people of my generation, Buffy was our show. It spoke to us about our high school and teenage experiences that other shows really hadn’t up until that point (though My So-Called Life and Daria are two other excellent examples of my generation). High school could literally be Hell at times, though I doubt most high schools didn’t reside over Hellmouths, though I question my former high school at times…

Sure, there were many supernatural elements in the show, but to associate the supernatural with real-life events really made the show unique, as well as strong, well-written characters and many amazing moments that caused us to laugh, cry, shout, shake our fists at, and bond over. As I’ve gone over in my retrospective posts, which are all conveniently listed below, there are some moments that really speak to us as viewers. To this day, most of the episodes hold up pretty well and some not-so-much. But even the worst episodes are quite enjoyable and fun to re-watch with fans old and new.

I salute you, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, on such a major accomplishment and still being a fan-favorite after all of these years. If you still have time in your timezones, throw on “Welcome to the Hellmouth” and enjoy the trip down 1990’s TV nostalgia. There is a Slayer born into every generation, and that Slayer is Buffy Summers. The woman deserves as much recognition that we can give her – let’s pay tribute by binge-watching all seven seasons. Well, if you can work them around your Real Life and work schedules.

Slightly Funny Side-note: Today is also my boss’ birthday. How coincidental. She’s kickass like Buffy, but without the stakes or vampires to fight.


(01) A 15-Year Retrospective On The “Girl With A Stake Who Saved The World (Again)”


(02) Seven Seasons Reduced to Fourteen Minutes


(03) And These Are A Few Of My (Most) Favorite Scenes – Part One


(04) And These Are A Few Of My (Most) Favorite Scenes – Part Two


(05) Full Season Pick-Up (Favorite Episodes – Part 1 of 3 – Seasons One-Two)


(06) Full Season Pick-Up (Favorite Episodes – Part 2 of 3 – Season Three)


(07) Full Season Pick-Up (Favorite Episodes – Part 2 of 3 – Season Four)


(08) Full Season Pick-Up (Favorite Episodes – Part 3 of 3 – Seasons Five-Six)


(09) Full Season Pick-Up (Favorite Episodes – Part 3 of 3 – Season Seven)


(10) The Characters, Part 1 – Favorite Character (Always “Five By Five”)


(11) They Will Always Save Us [Team Slayer] – Part 2


(12) They Will Try To Destroy Us [Team Evil] – Part 3


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[Adventures at Fan Expo Canada 2013!] Traversing Through New York, Massachusetts, and a Taste of Canada – (Part 2)

Sylent Mari Says: This is going to be a short post ‘cause it’s just a small detour post with lots of pretty pictures that I took on my pretty decent camera phone. There’s a few tidbits about my time in Buffalo and Holyoke, MA, but the good stuff is coming up next post. In the meantime, enjoy this journey down memory lane with me. And if I mislabeled a picture please let me know – I tried to remember as best as I could, but I was too busy being overly ecstatic that I was on vacation and far away from work and adult responsibilities.

Buffalo Museum of Science – Buffalo, NY.

In the first part of my adventures of traveling to Fan Expo Canada 2013 on what was a totally crazy and random whim of mine, I revisited my journey from New Mexico to my first destination – Buffalo, New York. My journey from NM to my ultimate destination to see and meet the cast of Lost Girl was definitely something I had never had the courage to do on my own before. Well, and the lack of monetary funds and being a bit young when my other favorites first came out (when the X-Files first aired I was 12. Don’t think my parents would’ve appreciated me heading out solo to one of the meet-ups for the show).

Random cool-lookin’ house by Downtown Buffalo. Love New England-style homes.

I’ve never been to Buffalo before, but I knew I had family out there. I was so thankful and lucky to hang out and stay with them for the entirety of my trip – saved me tons of dinero on booking a hotel room in Canada or NY for a few weeks. Also reconnecting with them was a bonus, along with spending as much time as possible with them before I left. Why was Buffalo such an important destination? It’s about 20-30 minutes from the Canadian border – Ontario is its neighbor. The drive from Buffalo to Toronto is about 2 – 3 hours, depending on wait times at the three major border crossings just north of Buffalo: Kensington, Peace Bridge, and Rainbow Bridge. Kensington is the least traveled of the 3 and the one I used daily during the week I was up in Toronto at Fan Expo. They also had the nicest guards, at least on the Canadian side.

Downtown Buffalo – City Hall? Stupid memory…

Geography and driving lessons aside, Buffalo was a pretty cool and chill city to visit. I didn’t do much exploring on my own, but my relatives took me to Cool Spots to Visit If You’re A Tourist, including Downtown Buffalo. One of the coolest things about visiting the East Coast is the large Puerto Rican presence and influence, especially in western Massachusetts. Eating at a Puerto Rican restaurant playing music that I remember listening to growing up brought a bit of nostalgia. Also, I’m too lazy/busy to make PR food at home and I don’t see my parents often enough for my dad’s awesome culinary skills, so it was nice to have homecookin’ away from home and be surrounded by mi gente. In NM I’m the odd-person out because most of my friends are everything but Puerto Rican (except for one or two).

Northampton, MA – home of Smith College. Laid-back and LGBT+ friendly – two of my favorite things.

While Buffalo was my main homebase, I traveled to Holyoke, MA for a few days and spent time with family over there. The last time I visited Holyoke was in the mid-1980’s, when my family lived on base at Hanscom Air Force Base (15 minutes outside of Boston). I’ll always remember the green and the beauty of New England (as evidenced by the massive amount of pictures that I took involving bodies of water and trees), and it’s quite a nice change from the desert. There were a few Holyoke spots that I vaguely remember, but it was great getting another crash course in the scenery and local sights around town. Even got to explore a little more of Massachusetts with a tour of the many colleges in Western MA, including Northampton (home to Smith College), where the lovely shot above comes from. Well, if that truck wasn’t blocking half the shot in the background.

I had a small prepared paragraph about visiting Niagara Falls (both town and huge tourist attraction) and Niagara-on-the-Lake, but I thought I’d let the pictures below do all of the talking. We’re here for one reason, and one reason only – to hear me talk about how bad I was geeking out at seeing a lot of my favorite celebs and some childhood idols and somehow keepin’ my cool. there’s a few pictures of Toronto that I’m slipping in for your perusal.

Bienvenidos a Canada! Flag at Peace Bridge crossing

No introduction needed… I lied. Niagara Falls – Canadian side.

Giant floral clock in Niagara Falls


CBC Tower, Downtown Toronto

A view of Downtown Toronto from the Metro Toronto Convention Center (MTCC)

The… art museum whose name has suddenly escaped me. I’ll properly title this picture.


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