Are You Attending Fan Expo Canada or DragonCon This Weekend? Looking For Guest Writers!

Dear Geeky Travelers -

Do you like to write? Do you like to share your experiences with the world? Are you willing to write a guest post or several and have it seen by at least a few people? If so, I am looking for any fans interested in sharing their experiences at Fan Expo Canada or DragonCon with this tiny little pop culture blog. If you have pictures you would like to share too, that would be beyond awesome.

You will be fully credited for your work and pictures; I’m not the type to steal someone’s work. I had that happen to me a few times throughout the years, and I would never do that to another creative person. Also, I can pay with good intentions, nerdy vibes, and publicity for your hard work. I may be a small single writer-run site, but I try my best to advertise and publicize my fellow fans.

I will try to do some blogging of my own this weekend and try to catch some of the panel action if anyone’s streaming it or have video of it. There will be so much pop culture material pouring out from both conventions, so I’ll try my best to keep track of all the news as it comes out. I’ll also be tweeting a bit more actively than I’m used to. You can follow me @SylentMari as I include my own witty commentary to tweets shared by fans and celebrities.

Shoot me an e-mail at, and you can send me anything in any file format – I’ll find a way to open it. I am a computer tech, after all. :)

EXTRA BONUS POINTS: If you’re seeing any of the cast members from Lost Girl at their panels this weekend, or get the chance to meet them and take pictures, I would love to see them. Share your experience with meeting or seeing the cast. If you need to see an example of a fan of the show freakin’ out about meeting them and seeing them live, see my Fan Expo post about my Lost Girl adventures, LOL.

SUPER EXTRA BONUS POINTS: If you meet Anna Silk and get a picture, I would heart you forever if you shared a picture. I kind of have a crush on her ’cause she’s perfect. And sweet. And super-nice. And hooooooooot.

RUNNING OUT OF BONUS POINTS: If you spot anyone from Orphan Black, holla back at your geeky girl.

P1000346Best photobomb ever by the guy to the left of me. @Fan Expo Canada w/ Emily, Liz, and Patricia.

Sylent Mari’s Weekly Music Mix [08.28.14]

Oh look! Wait a second! Could this be a…a…a brand-new post that’s not related to anything in particular? Why yes it is! While I really should be wrapping up my Buffy the Vampire Slayer retrospective and continuing on with my X-Files retrospective, as well as completing the 3,000+ ideas I have waiting to be written and blogged about, I’m testing out a brand-new weekly segment to this blog. I hope you are as entertained as I was while coming up with it while insomnia kicked in earlier this morning (“F Yeah, Insomnia!”).

Thanks to the magic that is Spotify, though their artist payment model is pretty crappy – that’ll be a future guest post from a friend, I can embed my playlists into this blog for everyone’s auditory pleasure. I listen to a wide range of music and a variety of genres. I am open to listening to just about anything, except for my roommate’s Top 40 mix, most popular music nowadays is horrendous, and this obsession with EDM and Dubstep and their terrible offspring is ruining good electronic music genres.

So what am I listening to this week? An eclectic mix of songs, with many on the list appearing in various television series. Well, mostly Canadian series with a few American ones thrown in. Let’s take a look at this week’s musical selections:

If you love television shows that fall under the sci-fi/fantasy/supernatural genres, you’ll recognize many of the selections. The other tracks are recent songs or songs that I’ve loved for years that I’ve also featured in this first mix. As a quick disclaimer, I should mention that there are some spoilers for the following series: Lost Girl, Buffy the Vampire SlayerBitten, and Orphan Black. It’s more in reference to which scenes the tracks play in, but you have been properly warned.

8 MM – “Around the Sun” – Between the Devil and Two Black Hearts
Appears in Season 3 / Episode 4 (“SubterrFaenean”) of Lost Girl, playing in the background as Lauren and Bo have sex for the first time as a canon couple. Damn awesome track for that scene, and a personal favorite.

Adaline – “Famous for Fire” – Famous for Fire
Appears in Season 1/ Episode 2 (“Prodigal”) of Bitten, during a scene where lead character Elena is in her old bedroom at Stonehurst manor, while her old flame Clay lurks outside her window.

Alanis Morissette – “Tapes” – Flavors of Entanglement
As I’ve established in this blog already, I’ m a huge Alanis fan. Yes – still after all these years. This haunting track off her post-Ryan Reynolds engagement period is a moody ambient track that have some really emotional vocals to match the mood of the lyrics, about having so many thoughts haunting your mind at the same time. It’s a common theme in Alanis’ music.

Alanis Morissette – “Edge of Evolution” – Havoc and Bright Lights
The ending track to Alanis’ most recent record, “Edge of Evolution” is a song that I’ve been addicted to since I first heard it after I bought the album. Though the lyrics are a little hokey (about evolving one’s self-consciousness), the music is quite superb, and it also features a really awesome bassline that is the highlight of the track.

The Belle Game – “Blame Fiction” – Ritual Tradition Habit
Appears in Season 1 / Episode 10 (“Endless Forms Most Beautiful”) of Orphan Black, in a scene where Cosima makes the shocking discovery that each of the clones has been secretly coded with an ID tag that can be found in their DNA, indicating that they’re the property of the Dyad Institute.

brian botkiller – “Welcome to Postwar USA (ft. En Esch)” – Welcome to Postwar USA
Botkiller is a local electronic music artist here in Albuquerque that I’ve met here-and-there throughout the years in my goth/industrial circle of friends & acquaintances. Check out his other tracks – you won’t be disappointed. The track features industrial music legend En Esch (KMFDM, Slick Idiot).

Curve – “Chinese Burn” – Come Clean
Appears in Season E / Episode 14 (“Bad Girls”) of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Buffy and Faith take subtext to all new levels during a sexy dance scene at the Bronze in the episode. The sexual tension was so thick that it reached Mulder & Scully levels at several points throughout the episode.

Evanescence – “Lost in Paradise” - Evanescence
This is a song that should appear in a film or television show soundtrack because it’s so moving and epic. A big orchestra sound + Amy Lee’s signature vocals + lyrics about alienation due to fame = classic Evanescence track.

Fear Factory – “Resurrection” – Obsolete
Before The Matrix came out in 1999, Fear Factory released a concept album called Obsolete that had a story similar to Neo’s journey in the first film. The album itself is a “sequel” to their first concept album, the groundbreaking Demanufacture, which was heavily inspired by The Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgment Day. This is Fear Factory’s most accessible and epic track, with heavy moments for older fans and quieter moments for new ones getting into metal.

Jace Everett – “Bad Things” – Jace Everett
Otherwise known as the True Blood intro theme. R.I.P. True Blood, and I’m sorry that your ending proved to be as unsatisfying to fans as Dexter‘s final bow.

Keaton Henson – “You” – Birthdays [Deluxe Edition]
MASSIVE SPOILER ALERT: Appears in Season 4 / Episode 13 (“Dark Horse”) of Lost Girl, this song accompanies the last scene in the Season 4 finale. The scene in question still breaks my heart: Bo visits her best friend Kenzi’s grave, swearing to do whatever it takes to bring her back. Also featured in the series In The Flesh in Season 2 / Episode 6.

Lana Del Ray – “Once Upon A Dream” – Maleficient: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
I’m not a Lana Del Ray fan. I find her annoying, boring, pretentious, and a mass-marketed female “idol” for young women who should find better singers to listen to. This is the only Lana track that I can tolerate because I love her dark and haunting take on the classic song from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, re-envisioned for the recently-released film Maleficent, based on the most iconic of Disney’s villains.

The Neighbourhood – “Honest” – The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
This song plays during the ending credits. Really great track to an enjoyable film (I liked it, though it had its faults).

Pale 3 – “In My Head” – The Matrix Revolutions: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Appears in the scene where Morpheus, Ghost, and Trinity fight their way through the Merovingian’s BDSM-themed club to try and get Neo back from the “limbo” location he’s trapped in.

Sharon Van Etten – “Serpents” – Tramp
This song appears both in The Walking Dead and Lost Girl, both in pivotal ending scenes. For The Walking Dead, it’s the scene in which Rick leaves Carol behind after discovering that she’s the one that killed Karen and the other sick member of their group in the prison, to ease their suffering before they succumbed to their illness (Season 4 / Episode 4 – “Indifference”). For Lost Girl, it’s the last scene in the Season 2 finale “Flesh and Blood,” where Bo stares into a mirror and notices that her eyes start to glow blue, indicating that the Succubus inside is ready to have fun. This leads into one of the major story arcs of Season 3.

Slipknot – “Snuff” – All Hope Is Gone
If you haven’t seen the video for this song, I suggest you see it immediately. Featuring cameos from Malcolm McDowell and Ashley Laurence (Kirsty Cotton from the Hellraiser films), this deeply emotional track is one of my all-time favorite songs, and a huge departure for slipknot, who bring the music down to a very slow, melodic level in the track. Doesn’t mean it’s still not a heavy and powerful song.

Stabbing Westward – “Why” – Wither Blister Burn + Peel
This would be “Snuff” more than a decade after Slipknot released that song. Stabbing Westward is known for guitar-driven industrial music, falling under the Industrial Rock sub-genre, but this song is one of their slower tracks, but still a very powerful track that has so many great layers of electronics and traditional instruments mixed into the track. The vocals by lead singer Christopher Hall are both angsty and longing.

VAST – “Don’t Take Your Love Away From Me” – Turquoise & Crimson
One of my all-time favorite songs. This is a different version of the original track, with “From Me” omitted from the title, and more soundscapes added to the background. The track can be found in both Smallville (Season 8 / Episode 10 – “Bride”) and One Tree Hill (Season 1 / Episode 21 – “The Leaving Song”).

Velvet Chain – “Strong” – Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Music from the Television Series
Featured in the first season of one of my favorite shows, “Strong” is the song that I most associate with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Playing on stage at the Bronze in “Never Kill a Boy on the First Date,” Buffy and her date Owen are slowly dancing to the track. It’s a sweet moment and one of the few breaths of air that Buffy is allowed to take before things get chaotic as the series progresses.

Young Galaxy – “Queen Drum” – Invisible Republic
“Queen Drum” was featured in the first season of Orphan Black, but the exact episode is escaping me. Just means that I have to re-watch the season. What a bummer… ;)

[ADVENTURES AT FAN EXPO CANADA 2013!] Even Walkers Love Daryl Dixon & Judge Dredd Appears, Sans Helmet! – Sunday (DAY 4) – PART 7

TWD PHOTOS DISCLAIMER: I tried my best to take general shots of the massive crowd of people waiting for the Walking Dead panel to begin. If you are in one of the pictures below and feel uncomfortable with any of the shots, shoot me an e-mail at and I’ll blur your face out.

 Sylent Mari Says: I try to keep my cursing to a minimum in this blog ’cause this blog is geared for all ages to read and partake in mutual nerdiness. Sometimes my language gets a bit saucy and salty, and when I’m around certain friends in Real Life I can make even the dirtiest of people blush. This post features a few “F’ bombs” because things were a bit crazy on Sunday. If strong language doesn’t bother you, go on ahead and continue reading.

This post is a few days late; it could’ve been a few months late, as per my usual M.O. I meant to post this on Monday, a year after I attended the Walking Dead and Karl Urban panels at FEC, but I’m still a tad upset over Lost Girl ending next year after its fifth season. The shock has worn off a little, but I’m still sad to see it go for many reasons. I also had one of my last “meet-and-greet’s” (i.e. performance appraisal) with my supervisor, who is the coolest boss in the world and anyone coming in to take her place has a really high bar to aspire to. Words can’t describe how wonderful, caring & kickass she is, and she’s leaving my team at the end of the week. So what better way to distract myself from sad things than posting my final adventure with lots of pictures?

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to really explore or check out any panels besides the two that I did get to sit in on. There’s a reason why, but I’ll get to that here in a minute. Here’s a sampling of the panels held on Sunday:


There were so many huge panels held on Sunday. You had Geek God Nathan Fillion with his own Q & A in the same room that held the Walking Dead panel, Stephen Amell from Arrow in all his super-sexy and amazing glory, Ron Perlman sharing cool stories about working on Hellboy  and being a badass motherfucker on Sons of Anarchy, and MOTHERFUCKIN’ CARRIE FISHER herself to close out the weekend. Alas, I missed out on Ron and Carrie and I wish I had gotten to see them, but hopefully I’ll catch them in the future.

What it looked like before the Walking Dead panel.

How big is the Walking Dead fandom? Huge. Do fans really love the show? Yes. What happens when poor communication and crappy security cause the equivalent of a human “Walker” horde? Oh, just some mass chaos and fan frenzy and people rushing in and pushing aside other fans accidentally. As you can see in the shots below, there were several thousand people waiting for the doors to open for the panel, and people were rushing in from several different entrances to get as close to the panel stage as possible.



Unfortunately for me, I was injured in the frenzied melee. If you were one of the fans who attended FEC and heard the story of a young woman accidentally getting knocked into something, that was me. As we were going in, after security dropped the ball and pretty much told people just to go on in without any organized lines, people started to push me and the woman who so graciously spent her time helping me out towards the video equipment in the back of the room. She kept yelling at people to watch out because I was handicapped and needed room to move, but it was too late. My right ankle hit a video tripod and I almost went down. Man, that hurt like a son-of-a-bitch. Smashing my ankle into something would’ve been a slight annoyance to me and I would’ve gone about my way in the past. Well… Seven months before at the beginning of January (2013), I suffered an injury at my old apartment when I was letting a friend out of the property I lived in. I stepped into one of the irrigation canals running by the entrance gate; it was covered in leaves and it was dark and I couldn’t see where I was stepping. I tore something in my ankle and was walking on a sprained ankle for a few months before a nurse friend figured out what happened to it, and then scolded me for walking on a bad ankle without wearing a brace or – you know – keeping pressure off of it. It was starting to heal and was still a bit tender when I went on my trip, and I re-injured it at FEC. Luckily, it wasn’t a severe sprain, but it still hurt to put pressure on it.

I missed a good portion of the Walking Dead panel because I had to get checked out by the nurse-on-duty, who was a really nice Russian woman who took excellent care of me, but told me I had to stay off my ankle. Cool – not a problem. But… I had a rental car that I had been using to get to Canada and back to the U.S.A. after each day of the Expo, and there was no way I could stay up in Canada for the evening to rest the ankle; I had to travel back home to New Mexico the next day. I got a hold of my aunt (or uncle, can’t remember) in Buffalo and told them what happened. I hung out for a few more hours at the Expo while my aunt & uncle spent some time doing tourist-y things in Toronto, before picking me up and driving me back to Buffalo.

The-Walking-Dead-04-castSo-so Photoshop can’t stop the badassness in this picture – ‘cept for Lori. No one likes Lori.

I was able to attend the last-half of the panel, though I had to sit in the back of the room in a wheelchair (my trusty walker was stored for safekeeping in the nurse’s station until I could retrieve it later). I had some great laughs and enjoyed what time was left listening to Laurie, Norman, Stephen, and Michael recount stories from the set. Coolest moment – seeing Norman and Michael take a few pictures with two young brothers dressed up as Merle and Daryl. As a life-long X-Phile who is still addicted to The X-Files, seeing Laurie Holden in-person was a highlight (Fun Fact: She played “Special Representative to the Secretary General, Marita Covarrubias”). As much as I disliked Andrea towards the end of her run in the series, I have always loved Laurie’s acting; always been a big fan of her’s and I love that she does a lot of genre work and has appeared in some really good projects throughout the years.

Here’s part of the panel that I captured on video, thanks to my trusty phone. I apologize for any shaky-camera sickness you may experience:

“Wait, where are the pictures?!” Why, they’re right below!

If you squint REALLY HARD, you can pretend to make out who is who. Give me some credit for actually being in the same room as Norman Reedus (LOL) – I made many of my female friends extremely jealous ’cause I was breathing the same air as him. These were the same friends who were jealous of me attending the Lost Girl panel and being in the same room as all of those sexy people (sans Zoie, but she’s sexy and was on the phone, so technically that counts). I wish I had gotten to see the whole panel, but there’s always the chance to hopefully see them next year at FEC, and I want photo ops with the cast and I want.

I wandered for a little bit after the Walking Dead panel. More like rollin’ around ’cause I was relegated to a wheelchair for a few hours to let my swollen ankle rest a bit. Cruising through packed hallways filled with thousands upon thousands of fans was an adventure, but most people were courteous and allowed me to roll on through. After killing a bit of time, I decided to check out Karl Urban’s panel. I’ve been a fan of Karl’s for a while, and he’s my sister’s future fantasy husband (no, I’m not embarrassing her – she’s always mentioning it. Love ya, sis!). He’s been a genre favorite for a long time, getting his name out to the masses as “Cupid” and “Julius Caesar” on Xena, starring in his own series (which got cancelled recently – BOO!) called Almost Human on…FOX (of course), and he has appeared in many films including The Lord of the RingsDOOM, the rebooted Star Trek and Star Trek Into DarknessPriest, and many more films.

And he also appeared in the fan favorite below:


Dredd is a movie that got no love from audiences when it originally came out in theaters, but it has gained quite the cult following after its release on Blu-ray and other entertainment mediums. Karl himself has been helping drive a fan campaign to have a sequel made to the first film, itself a rebooted version of Sylvester Stallone’s cheesy original, Judge Dredd. If you still haven’t watched the film, Netflix has been streaming it for months now and I recommend seeing it before they remove it. It’s a fun, violent, serious, kickass flick that has great performances from Olivia Thirlby (I liked her – cut me some slack) and Geek Goddess Lena Headey (300Terminator: The Sarah Connor ChroniclesGame of Thrones). In keeping with the original graphic novel source material, Dredd never takes off his helmet throughout the whole film, but you can definitely hear Kar’s signature voice barking orders from underneath that helmet. And his jawline is pretty recognizable.

KarlUrban8What a dreamy, dreamy, dreamy man. My sis was channeling through me.

Karl’s Q & A was very laid-back and lots of fun to listen to. He took lots of fan questions and gave lots of interesting and cool anecdotes from many of the projects he’s worked on. The funniest story he shared was a now-classic prank that his castmembers on Star Trek pulled on him, involving radiation levels in one of the locations they were filming at. He also thanked fans for their massive support of Dredd and asked that we keep pushing and asking for a sequel to the film, which is a project that he enjoyed immensely.

You wanted some more Kiwi droolworthiness?

Well kids, I’ve come to the conclusion of my Adventures at Fan Expo Canada 2013! There’s a few more pictures at the bottom to check out before I leave you all and move on to other posts – expect those in a few months. Kidding! It took me over a year to get all of my posts out, but it was a lot of fun to go back and re-visit everything I had seen and done and share it all with you. Some more stories or recollections might pop-up and I’ll update each post accordingly, but I hoped you enjoyed taking this journey back with me.


I will 100% return to Fan Expo Canada again next year, now that it will be a bittersweet one for those of us who are Lost Girl fans. It was thanks to the show and fellow fans that gave me the encouragement to do something that I never thought I would do in this lifetime;  I thought it’d happened in the next (if I believed in that sort of thing. It could happen). I’m one of the most boring people on Earth, yet I have lived quite the interesting life and have the diverse and eclectic group of friends and family. To actually stop procrastinating and plan a solo trip with the smallest amount of resources is not something I do quite often, or ever. But I’ve always been an adventurer at heart and love traveling and I hate to stay in the same spot for long (I move from apartment-to-apartment like every year). A lot of that adventurous spirit comes from growing up an Air Force brat and eventually becoming used to moving every couple of years.

So, here’s to more excursions to places I’ve always wanted to visit, with a companion or solo again. To hanging out out with thousands of fans as we all celebrate our favorite fandoms. And for being a proud geek who wears her nerdiness proudly on the sleeves of the black t-shirts with pop culture references she has way too many of.

All Good Things Come To An End – LOST GIRL Edition

Sylent Mari Update: With Lost Girl having a super-sized fifth season, the first batch of new episodes will premiere on Sunday, December 7th at 9 PM EST. That gives all fans (new and old) plenty of time to marathon the show a few times. The season will be split into two, with the first eight episodes airing followed by a break and then the last eight – similar to what Breaking Bad  did, though they split the episodes into two seasons. Netflix currently has all four seasons streaming through its service, so it’s a perfect way to catch up.

tumblr_nad4yx5rL91td5namo1_500Bo (Anna Silk) and Lauren (Zoie Palmer) in a promo picture from the Season 4 finale

Well, what a way to start a Monday. I just posted about my Lost Girl adventures from Fan Expo Canada last year, and then this news comes out. Oh – it was not the way I wanted to start my Monday. Maybe if I go back to sleep, it’ll never have happened…but it has.

Without prolonging the way any longer, here’s an update about the show:

Showcase, the home of Lost Girl, posted a video message this morning from star Anna Silk (Bo Dennis). It’s a very bittersweet message for the fans of the show, and one that we always dread hearing. After five years,  Lost Girl  will be ending after this season. If you’re a fan of the show, take a few minutes for that news to sink in. It’s still taking me some time to absorb the news. I admit it – I started crying. This year has been a really crappy year for many reasons, but sitting down to watch  Lost Girl  with friends was one of the highlights. Traveling to Fan Expo was the hugest one. If you can hold back a few tears, check out this video from Anna -

I had already decided this past week that I wanted to travel to Fan Expo again next year ’cause I had so much fun up there, and it was one of the coolest things I had ever experienced. Now I will make the pilgrimage again, but this time to celebrate the show that brought me up there in the first place. I can imagine that any panel or celebration that they will do in honor of the show will be quite the epic and bittersweet ending for a show that has touched so many people in different ways.

This newest (and last) season will be super-sized by three episodes, bringing the grand total to sixteen episodes for the whole season with a massively awesome conclusion (I’m hoping). Season 4 was a good but such a strange season, and it took such a crazy direction story-wise towards the end and I disliked it. I’ll get into that later when I do a full rundown of the show here soon, before the start of Season 5.

I have much more to add, but I’m still in a state-of-denial. Here’s an article also posted this morning featuring Anna Silk and it has a little more insight into Season 5. She personally wanted to see one more season, but here’s hoping that Season 5 is the best yet. As a fan of this show, I’m thankful to the cast and crew who have listened to the fans and tried their best to fulfill all of the fans’ wishes throughout the seasons story-wise and character-wise. It’s more fan respect and interaction that I’ve seen than in other shows like Once Upon A Time, but that’s another post for another day.

LOST GIRL Star Anna Silk on the Show Ending After Season 5

If you need a huge, fellow Faenatics, post a comment below and I’ll give you a virtual hug. :( I will be sharing more of my thoughts, as I’ve said, in a future post about how much this show has meant to me personally over the past few years. Few shows have touched me as deeply as has  Lost Girl, and I know that many other fans feel the same way as well.

Headline: Mulder & Scully Escape Super Soldiers and Aliens to Celebrate Birthdays, “X-Files” Style


Dana Scully and Fox Mulder like to “get down” on their days off.

I just missed posting this on Gillian Anderson’s birthday. Boo! I got distracted. I blame it on Spotify. But please enjoy this belated birthday post dedicated to two of my favorite actors, and pop culture icons with their memorable characters from that show about government conspiracies and Unresolved Sexual Tension (UST) –

Ha! Tricked you into thinking that this was the next part to my X-Files Retrospective! Sadly, it is not, but I just finished my most recent marathon viewing of the show just a few days ago. With all of the episodes still fresh in my head, I will return to them shortly and share my favorite episodes, characters, and so much more. And the guest stars – too many actors & actresses to name as the list is quite large and filled with many well-known names to television and film fans.

This post is to celebrate the awesomeness that is the combined pairing of David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, who both celebrated birthdays this week. Today is in fact Gillian Anderson’s birthday, so let’s give a shout-out to everyone’s favorite skeptic! Cool, calm, opinionated, and never bowing to pressure and cutting all tension in a room with her patented Gaze of Skepticism and No Bullshit, Anderson’s Dana Scully is still a geek favorite who still has lots of fans 21 years later.

Since the end of the X-Files, Anderson’s start has continued to shine, and she is now celebrated and honored as the talented and extinguished actress that she is. She has starred in many stage, film, and TV productions, and in fact recently appeared in three TV shows – two U.S.-based and one UK-based: Hannibal, Crisis, and The Fall. Crisis was a mess of a show that was canceled about two months ago, and though Anderson shined in her role as Meg Fitch, the rest of the story and cast was very hit-or-miss. On Hannibal, she portrays Hannibal Lecter’s own psychiatrist and colleague, Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier, and her interactions and scenes with Mads Mikkelsen’s Hannibal Lecter are beautifully done. It’s a great example of the acting talents of both actors as they shine on the series.

tumblr_my8ecdjV8Z1qawp0do1_1280I wish she were my psychiatrist. Or just stare at me that way. *le sigh*

The Fall is my favorite of Anderson’s most recent television appearances. A classic cat & mouse game with a twist, Anderson plays Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson, who is helping oversee the re-opening of two unsolved murder cases that have similarities to one another. The murderer is a handsome family man, played by Jamie Dornan (“Sheriff Graham/Huntsman” from Once Upon A Time and “Christian Grey” in the new 50 Shades of Grey film), who stalks his victims for days before killing them in the quiet of the night, leaving them posed for police to find them. The first season was shown exclusively in the U.S. on Netflix, so I suggest watching all six episodes and waiting in anticipation for the second season to arrive here shortly.

12This is how one ages gracefully (and still hot) without having plastic surgery *cough* Madonna

Anderson’s X-Files partner/lover/baby daddy, David Duchovny, also celebrated his birthday recently on August 7th. He hasn’t been resting since the X-Files either. Also appearing in many films and TV shows, including a starring role as Hank Moody on the recently-ended Californication, Duchovny returns to primetime TV with his new event series, Aquarius. Oh, how cute! Mulder and Scully are on the same channel again! (Hannibal airs on NBC, as Aquarius will be soon). In Aquarius, Duchovny plays an FBI Agent (*cue rim shot*) who’s hunting down Charles Manson and his acolytes.

Still quite the handsome devil.

The X-Files has been gathering steam again with its current comics run of a brand-new season (Season 10), as well as a new board game coming out very soon that I am dying to get my hands on. I love jumping onto Tumblr and seeing all of the new fans discovering and watching the show for the first time, after seeing Anderson and Duchovny in their other projects. For the newbies in the fandom, here’s a list of some of my favorite X-Files episodes featuring Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny giving excellent, stand-out performances filled with laughter, drama, sorrow, romance, and so much more:

  • “Pilot” – Season 1
  • “Fallen Angel” – Season 1
  • “Beyond the Sea” – Season
  • “The Erlenmeyer Flask” – Season 1
  • “One Breath” – Season 2
  • “Humbug” – Season 2
  • “Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose” – Season 3
  • “Oubliette” – Season 3
  • “War of the Coprophages” – Season 3
  • “Pusher” – Season 3
  • “Home” – Season 4
  • “The Field Where I Died” – Season 4
  • “Leonard Betts” – Season 4
  • “Never Again” – Season 4
  • “Memento Mori” – Season 4
  • “Tempus fugit / Max” – Season 4 (two-parter)
  • “The Post-Modern Prometheus” – Season 5
  • “Kitsunegari” – Season 5
  • “Bad Blood” – Season 5
  • “Drive” – Season 6
  • “Triangle” – Season 6
  • “Dreamland / Dreamland II” – Season 6 (two-parter)
  • “How The Ghosts Stole Christmas” – Season 6
  • “The Unnatural” – Season 6
  • “Millennium” – Season 7
  • “X-COPS” – Season 7
  • “First Person Shooter” – Season 7
  • “All Things” – Season 7
  • “Hollywood A.D.” – Season 7

David-Duchovny“You have the right…to remain sexy. Now carry on, and where’s my pie?”

NOTE: There aren’t any Season 8 or 9 episodes listed because Mulder appears in a handful in both seasons. But I liked John Doggett and Monica Reyes, so give them a viewing.

Simpsons-X-FIles Favorite TV shows mash-up of all time – when The X-Files met The Simpsons

[ADVENTURES AT FAN EXPO CANADA 2013!] So, A Succubus Walks Into A Comic Convention – Saturday (Day 3) – PART 6


Sylent Mari Says: I’m posting this late at night at the very last second, but I tried to proofread it and hoping it makes sense. I’ll make a few edits when I’m more alert tomorrow, heh.

I thought it’d be appropriate to post this exactly one year after the Lost Girl panel at Fan Expo Canada. I had this post finished and just needed to add the photos at the end, but I decided to hold off a bit longer. I can’t believe it’s already been a year, and I wish I was heading back up to the Great White North this weekend. I had so much fun, and this panel was one of the highlights of my trip. Heck, anything involving being out of New Mexico was a highlight for me, LOL. I am definitely returning next year and I know I’ll have a blast again. I hope to actually hang out in Canada a bit more this time and visit Ottawa and Montreal and a few other places.

I’m a Doccubus ‘shipper; they are my OTP (One True Pairing). I’ve name-dropped Doccubus a few times in this post. But I love and have respect for ‘ships in this fandom, and there are a few I like and follow too, like Valkubus, Denzi, CopDoc, etc. All Lost Girl ‘ships are welcome here. If you’re a fellow Faenatic, feel free to share in the love! If you’ve never seen the show, then those strange names above mean nothing to you and are just crazy fan jargon.

Also, if you’re wanting to see the whole cast this year, you’re gonna be out-of-luck. Anna, Rachel, Paul, and Kris will be at Fan Expo Canada this weekend, while Ksenia, Zoie, Rick, K.C., and Emmanuelle Vaugier (the Morrigan) will be at DragonCon (also this weekend). Have fun at whichever convention you’re going to, and don’t forget to share any pictures and spoilers with us fans!

Showcase promoted Season 4 of LG with this ‘scorcher ‘of a clip. Thank you, TV Gods!

 Special Newbie Note: If you’re already a fan, skip ahead to the rest of this post. If you’re unfamiliar with what the heck Lost Girl is about, proceed on and read the synopsis below. Schedule a few days off from Real Life and work and binge-watch the first four seasons on Netflix. Be warned – binge-watching the show can lead to extended emotional states of panic, anxiety, distress, anger, happiness, and FEELS. Oh, the FEELS! Proceed with caution…

Bo Dennis is not your average “Young Woman Running From Her Past” lead character – she’s a Succubus who’s been in the dark about who she truly is. She is forced into a hidden world filled with a race of supernatural beings called the Fae. The Fae are split between two factions: Light & Dark. Bo herself is unaligned, which means she’s factionless (Team Human!), which is a thorn in the side of both sides. According to a mysterious prophecy, she’s supposed to bring the Fae together as one, and to rule over them as their Queen. No pressure…As a Succubus, she feeds off of chi, which is a person’s life energy. Her specialty, though, is using her sexual prowess to heal from any injury while having sex with Fae or humans, though using a human to heal is not always recommended. Where does one get that gig? Bo, unfortunately, had to deal with many dead human lovers, but she eventually learns to control her insatiable sexual hunger thanks to a Light Fae doctor, who will be introduced in three seconds…

She’s not picky at all about her lovers, as she freely chooses between men & women, human and Fae. Her main love interests are: a Light Fae wolf shapeshifter (Dyson Thornwood), a Dark Fae Valkyrie (Tamsin), and a human Light Fae doctor (Lauren Lewis). While there is the main love triangle with Dyson and Lauren, Tamsin and Bo also have an intense amount of interest and chemistry as well. Bo seems to have a type – Blondes, though she’s had a few other love interests pop up throughout the seasons.

Bo’s allies also include her human best friend/sister/platonic soulmate (Kenzi Malikov), a Light Fae Siren (Hale Santiago), a Dark Fae mesmer (controls people’s movements telepathically – Vex), and her grandfather – a Light Fae blood sage (anything written in his blood becomes law – Fitzpatrick McCorrigan, or “Trick” for short). Even Dark Fae leader the Morrigan has helped out Bo on occasion, but always with an ulterior motive. Throughout the series, she battles both humans and Fae as she gets closer to her ultimate destiny, and she also comes across many truths about her family and her birth parents.

For my fellow LGBTQ+ viewers, there’s lots of content for us too. What’s great is that no one is labeled “straight” or “lesbian” or “bisexual” on the show – they’re characters who fall in love with anyone, regardless of gender or labels. If we had to label them: Bo’s bisexual, Lauren’s a lesbian, Tamsin’s bisexual, the Dark Fae leader Evony Fleurette Marquise (aka the Morrigan) is bisexual, and Vex is queer. There’s also been many more gay, bi, and queer characters that have shown up and have had some episodes centered around them. Lost Girl is very open in its representation of sexuality in general for the TV world, which is always welcome.

Welcome to my Lost Girl Fangirl Power Hour. I’ll try to keep this as painless as possible – there’s lots of pictures from the panel below. As a homegrown show (Canadian-bred), it’s gotten a huge reception from its hometown (Toronto) crowd since the show made its first appearance at Fan Expo before the first season even aired four years ago. I thought it was cool to see how many fans traveled from all over to attend this panel alone. There were a few American fans (like yours truly), lots of Canadians, and others from different countries around the world representing a diverse fanbase.

For those just tuning in and visiting this lovely blog for the first time, in my first FEC 2013 post I mentioned a break-up that had happened to me a few years ago. When Lost Girl’s third season premiered on January 2013, I remember watching “Caged Fae” while my landlord’s dog lounged next to me on my futon. After watching the episode and having a fangirl meltdown when Bo asked Lauren to start a relationship with her (Doccubus became canon!), my then-broken heart got kickstarted. That episode was perfect in so many ways because it was a lot of fun to watch and had great character development, and it also delivered a much-needed canon same-sex couple to television. It’s not too often when you see an LGBTQ+ character lead a show either. I love the show for oh so many reasons, but I mainly like it because it’s a fun show to watch, it has some very good episodes, and I love the cast. So much so that I wanted to meet them all sometime. That happened sooner than I anticipated, but it was worth it.

I made the decision to go to Toronto and check out Fan Expo that night, a bit impulsively, but it was something that I needed to do for myself. I’m always the one taking care of friends and family, and I wanted to do something big and huge for myself. I posted on my Facebook that I was going to attend the Expo, and at that time I was looking at hotels and hostels to stay at for the duration of my trip. I had a family member that I hadn’t seen in 20 years write me and invited me to stay at their place in Buffalo, New York. I admit I was a but hesitant at first, but I saw this as a sign that I couldn’t back out of going. I’m also quite sure that I was starting to drive my friends nuts with my full-on teenage Emo angst state, and I needed a way to get out of my head for a little bit. Not to say that they weren’t jealous of me, LOL. I had gotten most of them into the show and they loved it as much as me, but I promised to take a lot of pictures for them. I shudder to think what would’ve happened if I hadn’t…

I purchased my ticket and had a slight heart attack when my purchase went through on my card, but my ticket confirmation never showed up in my e-mail. I contacted Customer Service and was expecting a response within a few days or weeks, but I immediately had a representative e-mail me back within an hour with an apology and my ticket confirmation. Wish our IT department at work responded just as quickly sometimes…

I did run into a lot of obstacles, which I won’t get into ‘cause my story’s so crazy that most people wouldn’t believe it. Yes, my Real Life exploits are memorable in many ways, but memorable as in “I may be permanently trapped in a Nightmare on Elm Street film” way. For every obstacle blocking my path and almost forcing me to postpone my trip, I had tons of good luck come my way too. Well, except for the night before leaving when I was in a panic over a lost passport, which I found thanks to the help of my roommate, who made sure I made it to the airport on time; she even did my laundry at an early-ass hour in the morning and helped me pack.

I left Fan Expo a little earlier than planned on Friday so that I had enough time to drive back across the border to my uncle’s house and spend some time with him and my aunt. They were expecting me at a later hour, but they also knew that I wanted to get as much rest as possible before venturing out early Saturday morning for the LG panel. Amount of sleep I actually got? Less than four hours – I was beyond excited, like a kid on Christmas morning or Halloween evening. I’m also used to “napping” at night ‘cause my work schedule is a mixture of day’s and night’s, so I never have a set sleep schedule.

I arrive early to the convention center, wait patiently for doors to open, and I’m greeted by the line of fans below:

Photo Credit: Maribel Martinez

Photo Credit: Maribel MartinezLost Girl fans lined up for the theater where the panel was being held.

While waiting in line, I met many, many lovely Canadian ladies and others from around the world, including several who run a really cool Lost Girl-related podcast called Drinks at the Dal (check them out!), while waiting in line for the panel to start. Their kindness meant a lot to me. I was solo and with a walker – something I never thought I would have to use in my 30’s already (back issues FTW!) Most of the fans that I met were fellow Doccubus ‘shippers, so I got to geek out with them about all things Doccubus. I met a few cool Valkubus fans too, and a Dybo ‘shipper or two, who were all nice and chill. As long as fans aren’t assholes to one another, like whomever you dig and love your ‘ships, but don’t give anyone else crap over whatever they like.

I also met quite a few guys into the show too, and I kept running into Curt (aka Faenonymous), a fan who has done a lot to promote the show since its premiere. He can be glimpsed in the Season 2 pre-finale show. He was a very friendly guy and I chatted with him for a few minutes, not snapping ‘til later about who he was in our small-but-growing fandom.

I could try to give a rundown of the panel, but you can find plenty of videos about it online, and reading about it is just plain boring. Pictures are cooler anyway. I’ve included a Youtube video shot by Faenonymous of the panel below. Here are some of my highlights:

* The crowd giving a shout-out to missing cast member Zoie Palmer (Lauren), who was unable to make it because of previous commitments. Kris (Dyson) called her from his phone and he had her on speaker phone as we all said “Hello” to her, and she spoke for a brief minute or so, thanking the fans.

* K.C. Collins (Hale) made his grand entrance via rolling onto the stage. He’s also a funny guy and I joked with him for a second while getting his autograph afterwards.

* Rachel Skarsten (Tamsin) and Kris traded hilarious stories about each other, and included them acting out their stories as each other. Definitely the class clowns of the show.

* Ksenia Solo (Kenzi) and Anna Silk (Anna) are just as beautiful and amazing and sincere in person as they are on the show. I loved hearing them share their experiences being on the show, and it also shows how much they champion and truly love being a part of it.

* Paul (Vex) and Rick Howland (Trick) also shared some funny stories and interesting insights into their characters and some tidbits about Season 4.

* GEORGE TAKEI!!! Takei made a special appearance to the panel, as he was a special guest in the Season 4 premiere, “In Memoriam.” He got lots of fan love and was surprised by the fan response. He was also very gracious and funny and beyond cool. He is George Takei, after all.

Before the panel, there were ticket drawings for a chance to get an autograph with the full cast. I didn’t get the Golden Fae Ticket, but I did end up getting autographs from Rachel, K.C., Rick, Paul, and Kris ‘cause I’m a lucky bastard. They stayed a few extra minutes to sign a few more autographs after their initial meet-and-greet after the panel, even though they must’ve been tired-as-hell from filming and running around doing press interviews about the third season. It was beyond awesome that they stayed and signed autographs for fans who lingered about the Showcase booth (like me). I’m just missing Anna, Zoie, and Ksenia for the Lost Girl Royal Flush.

Crazy Cool Moment: I got scolded by Rachel (i.e. sarcasm FTW!) for not wearing a Batman shirt with my Joker cap, but I got points back for having an Avengers shirt with Thor, another favorite character. And holy Flying Spaghetti Monster – the woman is gorgeous in person.

Photo Credit: Maribel Martinez

Most Freakin’ Sweet Moment: Meeting then-showrunner/writer Emily Andras. I even got a few pictures with her (you can check one out below; I’m the one in the cap). It was also one of those moments where I wanted to kill my phone, though I got some pretty cool shots with her. The two gals I was hangin’ out with and I talked to her for quite a decent amount of time – like 15-20 minutes – about what we liked about the show, what we love, what mythological creatures we’d like to see appear (thanks for the mermaids!), and much more. She was so laid back and listened to our comments and feedback, and she was beyond sweet. Apologies for the awkward picture – I blame it on waiting for my phone to cooperate and play nice.

Other Random Highlights:

* Speaking to the gal who does a lot of their social media promotion, and hearing her talk about Anna and how she really is the single nicest, decent, caring, and amazing person in the world. In the green room before the panel, Anna sat down next to her and chatted with her for a few minutes, asking how she was doing, etc. There are some celebrities who take their fame to astronomical egomaniac levels (see Kanye West, etc.), and there are those like Anna who are just talented members of our world who genuinely love and like people, regardless of who they are and what their social status is.

* Meeting a talented Canadian graphic designer who game me a print of one of her original pieces, which I got signed by Emily Andras with one of my favorite quotes: “Be like Bo – Fearless.”

* Hanging out at the Showcase booth and meeting fellow Faenatics. Like the Orphan Black fans that I met, I love the people in this fandom too.

* One of the gals from Drinks at the Dal gave me one of the Wanderer cards that were given to fans at SDCC 2012. That really touched me and I tried to hold back tears – that was pretty amazing of her. Faenatics really take care of one another.

I was officially on Cloud Nine. I was up in Canada, at a major convention, I got to meet most of the cast of my current favorite TV show… It was pure bliss for this fangirl, and one of the greatest things that I’ve ever experienced. It was definitely a trip worth taking, and I’m glad I did it. As I’ve said before – if my time ended without seeing the Lost Girl panel and meeting the cast, it wouldn’t have mattered because I still had a hell of a good time meeting so many interesting Canucks and taking in the full convention experience.

But I did have the Lost Girl experience I was hoping to have and beyond, and I was ecstatic. After dealing with a few rough months before the convention, this was a great gift to myself. And you get to see the pictures of that most excellent day below. I didn’t realize how many pictures I took because I thought I was too far away to take decent pictures, but they came out a lot better than I thought. I may have also focused a bit on Anna Silk, but can you blame me? Winking smile

I have one more Fan Expo post, with pictures from the Walking Dead panel and Karl Urban’s Q & A. For those of you at home who have no clue who Karl Urban is, he’s one of our many genre gods. He’s been in such genre fare like Doom, Dredd, The Lord of the Rings, and the newer Star Trek films, as well as TV appearances on Xena and a lead role on his own show, Almost Human, which was cancelled way too soon (screw FOX!). I saw the ugly side of fans freaking out over their fandom, but the incident I involved in was more of a security/staff communication breakdown.

[ADVENTURES AT FAN EXPO CANADA 2013!] The Cosplayers Come Out To Play! – Saturday (Day 3) – PART 5

I am releasing this Saturday post to the masses first ’cause I have a bit more to finish up on my Lost Girl post. I know there are a few who would love to read about my adventures in Fae-dom. While you wait, please enjoy all 50,000* pictures that I took that day. While the first half of the day was spent with me fangirling over everything Lost Girl, I did walk around both convention buildings and check out lots of exhibits. There was so much that happened that day, and I missed out on some panels because I spent a lot of time hanging out at Showcase’s booth and hanging out with fellow Lost Girl fans, as well as the show’s then-showrunner – Emily Andras. That’s not to say that I didn’t have a chance-of-a-lifetime in hanging out with the showrunner of a show that I love and shooting the shit with her and several other fans for a good 30+ minutes. I just wish the day had been at least several hours longer so that I could’ve seen everything the day had to offer.

* this number is super-exaggerated.

I wish that I had gotten to see and meet the Twisted Twins themselves, Jen and Sylvia Soska, who were then unleashing their film American Mary to the masses. They were screening the film too at the Expo, from what I remember; it would’ve been cool to have gone to the screening. If you are a horror fan, I highly recommend seeing the film. It’s cool to see more female-driven content appearing across all media platforms in recent years, and especially in the horror genre. While I didn’t get the chance to meet them, I did walk by them and wave to both lovely ladies. What was cool to see was how much they loved and appreciated every fan that had taken the opportunity to see American Mary and give their feedback. They have a few cinematic works coming out every soon: a segment in The ABC’s of Death 2 and See No Evil 2. The first ABC’s of Death was a very hit-or-miss horror anthology that had some really good entries, and some that were crap. See No Evil 2 is a sequel to the Kane Hodder-starring slasher film that came out a few years ago from WWE, and the sequel also co-stars horror icons and two of my favorite actresses, Katherine Isabelle and Danielle Harris.

Check out some of the kickass panels that were held on Saturday:


If I had a clone or two, I would’ve been able to attend most of the panels above. But I don’t regret my Lost Girl experience at all, and I still had a blast. I had so much fun and really got to see one of my favorite fandoms up close too. And I realize now that I may have taken fewer pictures than I had thought, or I need to double-check my SD card. Oh, wait – I spent a good portion of that day taking a bazillion pictures of the Lost Girl panel… Priorities, people!

The pictures below will be appropriately tagged sometime this week when I can get to them. Some of the characters a few of the cosplayers are protraying are unfamiliar to me, so I’d be eternally grateful if someone can help me tag the ones i’m unfamiliar with. Please, thank you, and repayment in the form of donuts.

[ADVENTURES AT FAN EXPO CANADA 2013!] Clones + CANADIAN SUPERHEROES + Sarah Connor = A Hell Of A Good Day! (Day 2) – PART 4

Sylent Mari Says: This damn post took me WAY longer than usual to write. Stupid stress from Real Life… But after pounding this out and hoping the final product is readable, entertaining and informative, I present to you – Fine Readers – my Friday escapades at FEC 2013. If you’re a fan of Orphan Black or Dyson & Vex from Lost Girl, then this post is definitely for you. If you love looking at pictures from comic conventions, you’ll find lots here. And I hope with these recaps it will inspire your own future trip to Fan Expo Canada, because it is really a fun convention and I want to try to make an annual pilgrimage to it when funds permit it.

And now, onto my Day 2 recap from FEC 2013!


PREVIOUSLY ON Adventures at Fan Expo Canada 2013! -

Our heroine/writer recapped her first day at FEC 2013 and recounted her adventures traveling & visiting family in New York and Massachusetts, before driving ‘cross the border to Toronto for non-stop geeky overload. She met & got an autograph from a rock legend (Alice Cooper), and hung out with lots of cool Whovians and other fans attending the convention. She

In this episode, our heroine meets one of her childhood idols (an actress who portrayed an iconic action heroine). She also encounters some of the sexy, sexy men from some of her favorite Canadian sci-fi and fantasy shows. Yes, there’s photographic evidence. Also, the kindness of an absolute stranger (and Canadian attending the convention) almost brings on the waterworks.

We will continue with Adventures at Fan Expo Canada 2013! after this commercial break from one of our many fine sponsors -

“The future is not set. There is no fate but what we make for ourselves.” – Sarah Connor

Welcome once again to the most infrequently updated blog on the Internet! I’m still playing catch-up with recounting the rest of my visit to FEC 2013. The biggest convention of the year, San Diego Comic Con (SDCC), wrapped up this past weekend. The next major cons are arriving at the end of August and both are on the same weekend: DragonCon in Atlanta, Georgia, and Fan Expo Canada in Toronto, Canada. Be prepared to get your geek on as these two events take place.

Here’s Day 2 of my amazing time at FEC 2013, with my first full-on geeky moment:

So, this one time at FEC 2013, I met Sarah Connor.”

Oh, Linda Hamilton – you kickass, awesome, sexy, inspiring, iconic woman. She’s been one of my favorite actresses for years. There’s no need to repeat her filmography here, which is quite wide and varied. Let me throw out a few gems that immediately pop-out to fans: Children of the Corn (her breakthrough film and a great cheesy horror flick, based on a Stephen King story), Dante’s Peak (exploding volcano flick with Pierce Brosnan), and the original Beauty and the Beast TV series co-starring Ron Perlman (Hellboy, Sons of Anarchy) as Vincent/The Beast, with awesome lion-esque make-up. I don’t like to talk about the reboot of the series ‘cause it’s not nearly as fun or campy, it pretty much is awful-not-in-a-good-way, and the Vincent/Beast effects are “MEH.”

Many of us genre fans know her best from her most memorable role: “Sarah Connor” from the Terminator franchise. Sarah Connor and Ellen Ripley (played by the badass Sigourney Weaver) from the Alien franchise are often cited as the two most hugely influential heroines that have inspired many of the kickass women that we see in media now; the model for building a female character who can be kick ass, feminine, strong, and independent. They definitely paved the way for future iconic heroines like Buffy Summers, Xena, Sydney Bristow, and countless others.

Linda rarely makes convention appearances but has done a few in the past couple of years, including a recent 30th anniversary celebration of The Terminator (along with cast members from Terminator 2) at the Texas Frightfest in May of this year. The reunion included Lance Henriksen, Michael Biehn, Robert Patrick, and a few others. I wish I had been able to go ‘cause I’m a huge fan of the franchise. I’ve lost count on how many times I’ve seen the films (yes, all four of them), the TV series, and played the T2 Arcade Game growing up.

In recent years she has appeared on many cult and geek-friendly TV shows: Chuck as Chuck’s mom, Weeds as a lesbian pot farmer/dealer, and Lost Girl as a Dark Fae bounty hunter & mercenary named Acacia who’s also a mentor to Tamsin, a Dark Fae Valkyrie who helps our heroes out. I think it’s cool that younger generations are discovering Linda for the first time. She may not be an Oscar-winning actress, but she is fun to watch in any of the roles she has portrayed, and that’s what matters to the fans.

I got her autograph and spoke to her for a few minutes. She was very kind and patient, didn’t rush me as we chatted, and answered any questions that I had – that helped with my nerves immensely ’cause I was fangirling internally but calm and collected externally. She spoke highly of her appearance on Lost Girl and acting with Rachel Skarsten (a total sweetheart, according to her).

[SEASON 4 SPOILER FOR LOST GIRL!] At the time, it wasn’t known whether she would be returning to the series, but after I told her how cool she was on Lost Girl, she told me that she had been invited back to reprise her role as Acacia. Acacia’s fate was unknown after her first appearance, but she returns with a vengeance and has some great scenes with Anna Silk’s Bo. [END SPOILER]

Marked off “Met Sarah Connor” from my Bucket List.

I also had another Terminator encounter, this time with Kyle Reese himself: Michael Biehn. I’ve been a big Biehn fan for years and think he’s always been an underrated actor. Besides stealing a few scenes in the first Terminator film, he’s also well-known as Cpl. Dwayne Hicks in Aliens. How many people can say that they fought with Ellen Ripley and Sarah Connor? He was at FEC 2013 as part of the Rue Morgue Festival of Fear, and there was somethin’ going on behind the scenes before I approached him for an autograph and picture. No, I wasn’t all ninja-like and trying to get a scoop, but there was a weird tension there between him and his people. Also, he wasn’t in the main Celebrity autograph Area and was in the convention area assigned to exhibitors and vendors, so I’m not sure if fans noticed that he was there. He was pretty cool with me and patient as the poor convention volunteer taking our picture struggled with my phone; the most common problem I had the whole convention. Stupid touchy phone…

Why do I always smirk and not give a genuine smile in photos? So annoying…

Meeting two of my favorite actors from one of my all-time favorite franchises was definitely a fan moment that I will never forget. Meeting lots of hot guys from two shows that I’m really digging right now? Just as cool. The added bonus is that I made many of my lady friends jealous, and I may have been threatened with a bitchslap or two. I thought it was funny that I only met one of the hot ladies that I like, but met all of the hot guys. Maybe that’ll be reversed next year. Winking smile

Here’s a list of some of the panels that were held on Friday:


Any fans going to big conventions will tell you that it’s impossible to make it to all of the panels available for fans to check out, so you have to pick and choose the ones you are absolutely dying to see. While I didn’t get a chance to see even half of the ones I wanted to geek out in, I did get to visit the panels I really, really, really wanted to attend. It was hard for me to choose between favorites, and I wish I had checked my mail sooner before I left on my trip because the FEC program was sent to my home a week before my vacation started. Might’ve helped in planning things out better, but I know that now and will definitely be a million times more prepared the next time I venture up North.

I only attended two panels on Friday, but I also did a lot of sightseeing around the convention center and shot tons of pictures of the numerous cosplayers dressed up in their finest costumes, as well as visiting a few of the exhibition areas. I also picked up some exclusive swag, saw and felt Canadian currency for the first time, and had a blast – I wasn’t going to let my stupid back prevent me from doing anything. Well, as much as I could without collapsing from pain and sheer exhaustion, of course.

The first panel that I attended was the return of a Canadian superhero who has seen life breathed into him again thanks to lots of fans, his co-creator, and the people who brought him back in an animated webseries: Captain Canuck. And you thought I was gonna say Wolverine, but Logan’s got enough attention from those X-Men films and comics and stuff. The webseries features the voice talents of awesome Canadian actors like Kris Holden-Reid & Paul Amos from Lost Girl, Laura Vandervoot from Smallville & Bitten, and Tatiana Maslany from Orphan Black. If you’re a fan of sci-fi or fantasy shows or Canadian actors, you just had a nerdgasm reading those names.

Before the panel, there was a set-up outside the panel room that featured people wrestling in those gigantic, goofy sumo wrestler suits that you’ve probably seen on TV or in person. I was standing next to a guy who was watching the battles, and I glanced over once or twice ‘case he looked familiar. Lo and behold, it was Paul (aka “Vex”), and then I snapped. Yup – first Lost Girl encounter. My second one came almost immediately when Kris (“Dyson”) walked up to him and chatted for a minute, then passed in front of me. I took a seat in the front row and I didn’t realize I was sitting next to Kris until he got up to take a seat at the panel table. I could have Eliza Dushku or Kevin Smith or any of the countless celebrities that I like stand right in front of me and strike up and conversation, and it would take me a while to realize it’s them. My powers of observance are not very great.

The Captain Canuck panel

Going into the Captain Canuck panel, I went in knowing a little about the character growing up as a kid who devoured comic books, but it was really cool to learn more about him. One of the creators of the character, Richard Comely, was also at the panel and gave some cool info about the conception of the character, etc. Unfortunately, Laura and Tatiana were unable to attend the panel, but it was still a very lively panel with lots of laughs and great questions from the audience.

Highlights from the Captain Canuck panel, featuring some of the cast

Oh, and there was a signing with Kris and Paul afterwards, and I was trying very hard to keep my fangirling o a minimum – it worked for the most part. At least I got a cool pictures that made lots of my female friends jealous… heh heh. Also picked up a Captain Canuck poster with their signatures, and it’s proudly on display in my apartment among my other memorabilia in my nerdy haven of awesomness (aka my bedroom).

I am so short. Wow. Poor guy had to bend down for pic.

Any Orphan Black fans present? If you’re one of the many, one of the “Clone Club” peeps who are as addicted to the show as I am, please continue on. The last part of this recap of Day 2 of FEC 2013 is all about Orphan Black. If you are not a fan and have never seen the show, please step away from your computing or mobile device, find your nearest entertainment store, and purchase both seasons. Or you could just go on Amazon and buy it too if you prefer to stay indoors whenever possible. I highly recommend binge-watching both seasons, which can easily be done within two days, or a full day if you’re like me and take minimum bathroom and munchies breaks. The point is – watch the show immediately if you haven’t done so.

Before the Orphan Black panel, Canadian channel SPACE was giving fans a chance to get 1 of 100 tickets for the meet-and-greet with the cast members from the show – Dylan Bruce (“Paul”), Kevin Hanchard (“Art”), and Jordan Gavaris (“Felix). Tatiana was unable to make it ’cause she was out of the country. Or was she really there, but masterfully acting as one of the cast members? Maybe she was acting as all of the fans attending the Expo? Hmm… The woman is definitely one of the best actresses out there and can pull off any role thrown her way, including being everyone at the convention. Winking smile

While my main mission at FEC was to see the Lost Girl cast live, my side mission was to devour anything Orphan Black-related. I had just gotten into the show around the time the 5th episode from Season 1 was originally airing here in the US last year. I read a lot about the show online from various sites, but wasn’t completely sold on it even though I’m a huge science fiction fan. After reading a couple of recaps from one of my favorite sites, AfterEllen, I caught the first four episodes right before the fifth aired – instant fan. I got my roommate hooked on it too, and we both devoured each new episode as the first season aired, then immediately got depressed that we had to wait a year before Season 2 premiered. Now we’re in the same depressed state waiting for Season 3 to air next year.

Trying to get one of the “Orphan Black Golden Tickets” was a Herculean feat, and one that was marred by a SPACE employee who was kind of a dick and had obvious favorites when it came to handing out tickets. I had tried a few times arriving at the specified time they asked fans to return at to try and score a ticket, but I kept missing out. Other fans were also quite displeased, but I hadn’t noticed that one in particular observed all of the difficulties I was having and how I was being treated by this employee. What’s funny is that I had encountered the woman earlier and thought she seemed a bit rude, but I just let it go (as Elsa would do). Little did I realize that she would do something so beyond amazing for me that…the feels…

This amazing Canadian woman came up to me with a ticket for the Orphan Black meet-and-greet, and she explained to me that she had seen me struggle to get a ticket and was disappointed with the way I was treated by the employee, and she had seen me come up a few times to the SPACE booth to try and score a ticket. It was hard for me to keep going back-and-forth every hour to score a ticket ’cause I had a walker to help me out – walking has become more difficult for me as of late because of my growing back issues. She continued and told me that she felt bad for me and spoke to a friend who had gotten a ticket, along with her husband. After she explained what had happened to me, her friend gave her one of the tickets to give to me. I was completely floored by the kindness of this complete stranger that I had so wrongly judged over a small slight (she was stressed from the crowds). I took a few pictures of the OB guys in line, and when I met them each as I was getting their autographs I was gracious for their patience and love they felt for their fans – very genuine people and wonderful actors too.

ob-autographsAutographs from the dudes from Orphan Black

After their meet-and-greet was the Orphan Black panel an hour or so later, hosted by the crew from InnerSPACE (think Canada’s version of The Nerdist), and that panel was a blast. I met two awesome Canadian gals in line while waiting for the panel to start, and we had a blast at the panel, as well as talking about some of our favorite shows. One of them was also attending the Lost Girl panel on Saturday, but I missed her. I’m bummed out that I won’t be able to hang out with them again this year, but I hope too again next year – I had so much fun.

Dylan Bruce and Kevin Hancard

Jordan Gavaris. Sorry ‘bout the stalker-ish photos…

The video below is the whole panel, taken by a fan. Tatiana Maslany did have a video message for all of us fans that was wonderful and beautiful and sincere; the woman truly is a class-act. The Three Amigos of OB were hysterical and down-to-earth and shared lots of interesting tidbits about the first season of the show. The creators of the show, Graeme Mason and John Fawcett, were also there as InnerSPACE hosted the lively discussion. I got to ask a question at the very end about the song choices on the show, and yes, I did fangirl a bit and threw in a shout-out to Albuquerque and Breaking Bad. I had people laughing, so I accomplished my mission of making a complete ass of myself and representin’ my hometown. So, if you hear a dorky-sounding girl at the end asking about the show’s music, that’s totally me.

Full Orphan Black panel w/ the boys and the hosts of InnerSPACE

There are lots of pictures to check out below. I had a really good time on Friday, and there was so much to see and take pictures of, people to talk to, and fans to mingle with that I was unable to make it to all of the panels that I wanted to – including Linda Hamilton’s. I left the convention center immediately after the Orphan Black panel because I needed to get some much-needed rest for Saturday for the “Main Event” – the Lost Girl panel. Even if some catastrophe had prevented me from checking out the rest of the Expo, I still would’ve gone home with so many great memories and stories to tell.

My Lost Girl adventures are getting their own post, so feel free to skip it if you’re only interested in seeing more pictures; I will have an additional Saturday post for pictures and other tidbits. Or read it and see what happens when a fan has the Bestest Day Ever hanging out with people who love a certain show as much as her. There will be some hilarity, some sassiness, and WAY too many pictures of Anna Silk from the panel – just as beautiful and hilarious and inspiring in-person as she is on the show.

NEW BLOG THEME: “How I Spent My Summer Vacation Last Year”

With a few more Fan Expo Canada 2013 recaps coming up, the blog header’s changed to a picture from my trip last year. With FEC 2014 fast-approaching and just around the corner, I thought I’d better get my ass in gear and finish up my posts. The past few weeks have been hectic, as has the rest of the year, but when I get a chance to update I’m taking it.

The header image is a photo of Niagara Falls that I shot last year while visiting with family. You’ve seen a few pictures of my trip, but here’s a few more Niagara Falls photos to quench your thirst for more blogging and witty commentary and opinions from this gal.

I have Day 2 of my FEC 2013 adventures almost ready to go up, with a few more paragraphs to conjure up before I feel confident enough to release it into the wild. There’s lots of pictures and lots of awesome experiences that I had, and I can’t wait to share them with my fellow geeks.

I’m also working on a belated “LGBTQ+-friendly genre shows” update that I missed out on posting last month. Some have LGBTQ+ recurring characters and some have them as the main characters anchoring their respective shows. My FEC 2013 posts are leading up to two of them, and it’s not hard to figure out which two shows are being represented if you’ve been visiting this blog.

So, until we meet again, my Geeky Readers!

- Sylent Mari





From L to R: my aunt, me, and my cousin. My cousin and I are clones...

From L to R: my aunt, me, and my cousin. My cousin and I are clones…

[ADVENTURES AT FAN EXPO CANADA 2013!] Just A Lonely Geek In A Strange Land – Day 1 (PART 3)

We are in full COMIC CONVENTION MODE now! We’re at the beginning of the major comic convention season, and with so many conventions to choose from, it’s hard to decide where to go, what to see, and how much dinero you have to even make it to one. I have a local major convention at the end of the month that I’m attending, Albuquerque Comic Expo, and I’m very excited about it ‘cause it falls on my birthday weekend. I might even get one of my best friends to come out and hang with me at her first conventi0n. Now to get one of my friends or a family member to buy me a pass…

There are so many growing larger conventions popping up that might be competing with the major conventions that we have like SDCC and DragonCon, like Phoenix Comic Con and Denver Comic Con, with have both grown exponentially over the past few years. And for this Southwestern U.S. resident, that gives me more local options to choose from. To see homegrown cons grow into larger entities that are covered throughout all of social media is an awesome thing. New Mexico has several cons located in two of our major cities, Albuquerque and Santa Fe, and we keep adding more thanks to demand. If we can get a few more high-profile guests then we’d really be a contender, but ya gotta start somewhere.

If you like to go large and want to attend a major convention, there are many to choose from. I went pretty big and selected one out of the country, and it was definitely worth it. If you want to check out a huge comic convention that has a large and diverse group of nerds and geeks from around the world, definitely check out the Fan Expo conventions up in Canada. Several major Canadian cities are hosts to the Fan Expo cons, but if you want to travel to the largest and biggest of them all, Fan Expo Canada in Toronto, Ontario, Canada is your answer.

Continuing on with my visit up North last year in my ongoing recap – welcome to Part 3! – my first day attending FEC 2013 was awesome. I was a solo traveler with a walker and exploring a city I had visited just once before with family. I was a bit nervous attending by myself because I am a disabled individual (gnarly back and leg issues), so I get a bit skittish being alone without help. I was extremely fortunate to have many fans and staff members assisting me while I attended the convention all four days it was being held. Heck, I had better assistance in Canada then in New Mexico at our local cons, and that’s saying a lot. Any nervousness and fears about attending solo were quickly alleviated by the absolute kindness of strangers that I befriended on my trip.

I didn’t do much on the first day of the convention, which was a preview day for Premium and VIP badge holders. I did gain a solo achievement (Nerdy Gamer Alert): I was the second person in-line on that first day, behind a really nice local woman who had traveled a few miles to Toronto to attend the convention. We hung out and talked about a variety of topics, and I may have made it onto a broadcast from CityTV, who were covering the first FEC 2013 day. Since she was first in line, she was the chosen victim for a quick interview by the crew (I narrowly escaped that, heh heh).

I took a ton of pictures throughout the whole convention, and you can check out the kickass photos from Day 1 below. I didn’t attend any panels that first day because I was so overwhelmed by the entire experience: waiting in line to get in, traveling through the Metro Toronto Convention Centre (MTCC) from the North Building to the South Building and back, checking out the vendors, panel locations, and celebrity signings. The only difficulties I ran into was my mobility issue, so I wasn’t able to haul ass from one building to the next to drop-in on the many smaller and larger panels being held in both, but I got to sit-in on the panels I wanted to check out the most.

Biggest fan moment on Day 1? Meeting and getting an autograph from the Godfather of Shock/Horror Rock, Alice Cooper himself. What a gentleman and very nice too. Most of my celebrity encounters have been amazing with really grateful personalities. My only negative experience with a celeb? When Ken Foree (popular horror film actor best known from Dawn of the Dead) ran into me on the convention floor in front of the celebrity signing lines and gave me a “WTF” look. Umm, you didn’t see me with my walker and say “Excuse me” after? Not everyone can be courteous.

NEXT TIME: Friday, or Day 2, of FEC 2013. Highlights included the Captain Canuck and Orphan Black panels featuring the insanely HOT gentlemen from both, and meeting my favorite celebrity since childhood – and a female action hero of mine.

Other highlights:

  • Premium Lounge for Premium badge holders to chill and hang out in, as well as get in some quick cosplay repairs.
  • The swag that was included with being a Premium badge holder.
  • The cool show exclusives, like the Walking Dead t-shirt I picked up of Merle and Daryl Dixon.
  • Seeing the awesomely intricate costumes a few of the copslayers were proudly displaying.
  • The many people I befriended that day that hung out and walked with me from one location to another, to make sure I made it safely.
  • The staff and other convention-goers that were polite and courteous to me, letting me go to the head of a line, making sure I had a seat wherever I went, and clearing the way for me to pass.
  • The drive to-and-from Buffalo, NY to Toronto and back not being as nerve-wracking as I initially thought; drivers were slightly less-crazy than New Mexican drivers.